Party FAQs



Here are some of the most common questions we get regarding hosting a sex toy party with us:


How do these parties work?
Hosting an adult toy party is just like a Tupperware Party. But, not your momma’s plastic. It’s like a Tupperware Party, with a buzzzzzzzz. 😉
You begin by booking a party date with a consultant. She will then send you info to help you plan. She is there to help you with any questions you have. She’ll confirm with you as you get closer to your party date. On the day of the party, your consultant will arrive with a variety of adult products to present to you and your guests. The presentation is tasteful, fun and educational. You and your guests will enjoy lots of learning and lots of laughs! After the presentation, the consultant will set up an ordering station, usually in a separate area (a bedroom, den, kitchen, etc.) Each guest can order confidentially and ask specific questions. You, as the hostess, will be the last to order. The consultant will calculate your hostess rewards and hopefully you will receive your wish list for free! Depending on the consultant, you will either get your items there at the party or shipped and delivered within 2 weeks after the party.


How much are the parties to host? 
The parties are FREE! Never should a consultant charge a fee to do a party where sales are involved. However, a consultant may require a deposit to ensure they are compensated due to long distance travel or party type, like bachelorette. The deposit would be refundable once sales reach a certain amount. Some consultants request a deposit to hold a date, as well. As long as you book a party, hold it on the booked date and have $300+ sales at your parties, the parties will be free to host. Alternatively, there are situations where the consultant agrees to do a workshop party, where no sales are involved. In this case, the fee will be a set price or per person.


Are the guests required to purchase products at a party?
This goes along with the above question. No, they are not required. However, these parties are shopping parties! Guests should come prepared to place an order to help the hostess earn free products and to help the consultant be compensated.


Are men allowed at the parties? Do you offer couples/co-ed parties?
Of course! We don’t like to discriminate.


What do I need to provide at the party?
The guests, of course! We recommend some light snacks and refreshments. Your consultant may request a table to use. Lastly, think about where you would like ordering to be. (kitchen, den, bedroom, etc.)


How long is the party? 
From the moment the consultant arrives to set up to the time she leaves to go home can be 2-4 hours, depending on the number of guests. The presentation, itself, it generally about one hour.


Are there games?
Very common question. Most consultants do include fun games and activities, in addition to the presentation. Be sure to request it!


How many guests do I need to have in attendance?
Love Love Parties does not require a minimum guest count. Each consultant sets this themselves. For some consultants, the minimum is 4. For others, it may be 10.


What do I get in return for hosting a party? 
Free Products! Talk to your consultant about what hostess rewards they offer. Generally, it starts with a percentage of party sales when they reach a certain amount.