HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Goals for this blog…

* Write in it EVERYDAY. That means minimum one post per day! (sometimes more…) Hey…why not? 🙂 * Comments…come on people, give it to me. 😉 * Organize the labels Hmmm…that’s it for now. Like I said though, EVERY DAY!!! Now I have to figure out Blogger on my Palm Treo. Anyhoo….Happy New Years Day!!

NEWS: Shoppers Irked By Dancing Vibrators

Two department stores in Stockholm have learned Swedish Christmas shoppers aren’t impressed by mechanized dildo displays and self-pleasuring rabbits. Most recently, the PUB Corp.’s Oups concept store took down a window display that featured a mannequin whacking a snow shovel on fake snow banks from which dildos popped up at random, the Svenska Dagbladet reported. … [Read more…]

On a Mission!!!! – I can see a new horizon underneath the blazing sky. I’ll be where the eagle’s flying higher and higher!!!

Gosh…the russsshhhhh!!! One of those days where you get a hit (a strong hit) of energy, ambition and go-gettism. Ducky posted on the FYP board today about the uplifting power of music. So I pull out my old 80’s mix CD (made it in 2000, haven’t listened since 2001). Then I hear it!! It’s been … [Read more…]

NEWS: Exploring The Meaning Of Moaning

By DANIELA ALTIMARI |COURANT STAFF WRITER November 30, 2007 There are moans of satisfaction and moans of pain. There are porn-star moans, over-the-top- wake-up-the-neighbors moans and perhaps the most famous moan of all — the breathy, fake orgasm moan in “When Harry Met Sally.” Now there’s a student group at Wesleyan looking to reclaim the … [Read more…]

You Know You’re a Mom – #1

Yet another blog segment I’m starting. And I promise that I will continue these segments!! OK… You know you’re a Mom (of girls) when you are using a thong to tie your hairback because you can’t find any hairbands anywhere and rubberbands hurt too much. 🙂 There, I said it.

A Little Pick Me Up ~ For Your Relationship!

When you get home from work tonight, give your bedroom a sexy makeover! Take just 20 minutes to clear out the clutter. Make sure your bedroom is a peaceful place, free of excess books, magazine, nail clippers and junk. Put your clothes away, so the focus is your beautiful bed and not the chaos of … [Read more…]

NEWS: Woman has 200 Orgasms per day!!

WOW!! Can I have one? Heehe Anything can set me off! By Matthew Acton SARAH Carmen, 24, says the Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome that she suffers from can cause her to have orgasm at any time of day. She explained: “Anything can set me off. Even the hairdryers cause funny pulsations through my body. “As … [Read more…]

So Proud of my fiance, Prince! Did a Pleasure Party all by himself!!

Friday night was a rough night for us with car issues and babysitting issues. I had scheduled a party for 7pm 1 45 minutes away according to mapquest. (NYC RUSH HOUR!!) The party actually came from my fiance’s (Prince) friend.When it kept getting later and later, we just didn’t know what we were going to … [Read more…]