How to Book your Love Love Pleasure Party

Booking your pleasure party is easyIt’s easy! We have a simple online party request form for you to fill out. Before you do though, think about a few things.

Are you looking for a weekday evening? A Saturday afternoon? Saturday? Think about what day and time of the week is best for your friends. When do you believe you would have the most “show ups”? Having a few dates in mind ahead of time will ensure that you and your consultant will find a date that works best for both of you. If your party must be on a set date, be sure to enter that into the request form.

So you are going to book a party? YAY! You can go ahead and start making your guestlist. Think about who you would invite. They say that one third of your guestlist will actually come to the party, so don’t worry about a long list. Even if you have a small space. I’ve done many sex toy parties with guests sitting on the floor comfy with some pillows. If you need help thinking of people to invite, try the 50 Guests in 5 Minutes sheet (.doc file) to remind you of people you know.

Another thing to do before a consultant contacts you after you put in your pleasure party request. Write down any questions you have. The most frequent questions I get are “Is there a fee?”, “How does it work?” and “How long does it last?”. Whatever questions you have in mind, write down so you don’t forget them and you can ask her all at once. (Not that you can’t ask her later too – your consultant will be there to help coach you for a successful party)

So, once you’ve made contact with the consultant and you’ve met, she’ll send you a hostess packet full of info and ideas to help make your party successful. After the party is booked, she’ll work with you and remind you of things you can do.

Always remember, if you are going to cancel or reschedule, let her know ASAP so she can open the date up to another hostess. And NEVER allow anyone under 18, including infants and children, to be in the home at the time of the party. So, call up Grandma or Aunt Sue once you have the date to take the kids.

Happy Partying!!

XOXO Pascale Le Bris – Love Love Parties