Divorce Parties – Suddenly Single!

So I’m starting my presentation at a sex toy party and I let the guests know about my parties. They’re free, they’re fun and you get free products. Yada, yada. Then I let everyone know what type of parties I do. Girls Night “In”, Ladies Brunch Parties, Bachelorette Parties and the occasional “Divorce Celebration” – … [Read more…]

Must. update. More. Often.

My, it’s been busy! I had a great party last Saturday (1/31) in Bayonne, NJ. About $1250 in sales and a booking! I’ve added www.tristateparties.com to my repetoire of websites! This one focuses just on a NYC tristate area party! Calling all hostesses from the New York metro area! That’s NYC, Long Island, Westchester, Connecticut, … [Read more…]

This pleasure party business is simply amazing!!

What is your dream? Is it to live financially free? Be independent? Is it to be able to stay home with your children? To buy a brand new car? house? To have a career where you are recognized for your acheivements and rewarded generously? That’s the beauty of a party plan company. By recruiting others … [Read more…]