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Pour generously into running bath water and when ready, turn out the lights! BUY NOW

Cake Edible Lubricant

Our Cake Edible Lubricant comes in Red Velvet, Devils Food, Angel Cake and Cookie Dough! YUM?? BUY NOW

Diva Dust

Diva Dust lickable shimmer powder with pheromones! BUY NOW

Booking a Bachelorette Pleasure Party

First of all, our pleasure parties are free to host! Some consultants may charge a deposit, which guarantees an income for that party. But that’s ok! You should get a deposit return when sales reach a certain amount, be it $150 or $300 or more.

Bachelorette Parties are slightly different than your traditional home Read More

Fun with Games at Parties

I have become totally accustomed to playing these two games at my parties:

Who is the Sex Goddess tonight? and Pleasure BINGO!

Never do I dread the games. Presentation…sometimes. You just want to get to ordering sometimes!! $ But once I get through the intro and into the products, it just flows and is Read More