Mission to Re-Position

In a rut? That’s normal. By nature the human brain is designed to find the simplest and easiest way get things done. Once we find a position, time and technique that works – we tend to stick to it. But eventually we all get bored. But no worries, I have a cure! Shake it up! … [Read more…]

The Best Kegel Exerciser We Carry: Juno Kegel Exerciser

*Ducky Doolittle Recommended*Ducky says: “Lucite with metal balls. Excellent way to gain muscle strength fast. Insert the large end first and she’s lifting the smaller weight. Insert the small end first and she is lifting the larger, heavier weight. She can put it in her vagina, use a vibe on her clit and she’s working … [Read more…]

Something For Him

Something For Him Courtesy of our sex expert and educator, Ducky Doolittle – Check out her For Your Pleasure Blog Sleeves make a perfect gift if you are going out of town and have to leave your guy home alone. Along with a little bottle of lube it says, “Go for it! Find some pleasure … [Read more…]

Spring belongs to the birds and the bees!

I am soooo ready to shed my winter wear! So I have to ask, what are you doing to getting ready for spring? I say get a jump on your skin care. A light spritz of BODY DEW MIST after your shower will bring a glow to your skin. Some BODY SHIMMER will deliver summer … [Read more…]