NEWS: Study finds 1 in 4 US teens has a STD

This is sooo disturbing. Mothers, PLEASE educate your kids…schools don’t do it!! It’s up to you to teach your daughter’s that their bodies are temples!! Read the horrible article below! It’s such a shame!! Teach your children for F’s sake!! ————————————— Study finds 1 in 4 US teens has a STD By LINDSEY TANNER, AP … [Read more…]

NEWS: Exploring The Meaning Of Moaning

By DANIELA ALTIMARI |COURANT STAFF WRITER November 30, 2007 There are moans of satisfaction and moans of pain. There are porn-star moans, over-the-top- wake-up-the-neighbors moans and perhaps the most famous moan of all — the breathy, fake orgasm moan in “When Harry Met Sally.” Now there’s a student group at Wesleyan looking to reclaim the … [Read more…]